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HabiTap - Auto Clicker with Autmatic Tapping

Yes, I have finally found a game that I have gotten emersed into and it has begun to become a problem with certain repetitive tasks. You know, who wants to set there and just tap a screen constantly to process some ongoing task? Right?

Well, I began searching and finally came up with a simple solution that works well for me. The free version gives you a single arrow that points to an area and produces a screen click every 1/5 second. Position the arrow where you want the screen tap and then press on the arrow to turn it from red to green. A single point of continous clicks. For an additional $1.99 you can upgrade the product to a dual pointer system. You can also record a series of movements and have them played back continuously as well so you can create a series of movements and also control turning on and off the pointers to automate a process. It may take a few times recording to get the process to your liking.

This has become a big timesaver for me and allows me to take my eyes of the screen and put back into the conversation with my wife. Its putting that smile back on her face.

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