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Sophos Ranked #1 in Malware Detection

MRG Effitas conducted a commissioned test comparing endpoint protection products’ ability to detect malware and potentially unwanted applications. Six different vendors, including Sophos, were reviewed in the test. This report will serve as an excellent proof point for Sophos. Some highlights of the report include:

Sophos ranked #1 at detecting malware. Sophos had an automatic block rate of 99.19% and a miss rate of 0.81%, half as much as next competitor. The percent of samples missed was over 11 times smaller than the average of the other vendors included in the study.

Sophos ranked #1 at detecting potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Sophos detected 100% of the PUAs in the test, which is important as the sample contained a high number of cryptominers (aka coinminers) that are used in cryptojacking. Comparatively, four of the six vendors tested missed between 47% and 69% of PUAs.

Sophos’ false positive rate according to MRG Effitas was 0.05%, which is even more impressive when considering the corresponding best-in-class detection rates of in-the-wild malware and potentially unwanted applications.

You can read the report here.

You can download the report here.

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