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YouTube TV now available in the Pittsburgh Area

I just signed up for the trial version last night and was suitably impressed at the connection speed and resolution of the image stream. This service is just $35/month and provides basic cable channels for you with unlimited DVR functions. If you are only interested in local sports and news this is a great alternative to other TV options. I’m currently looking at a $250+ bill each month for my current Comcast account. If you are thinking about cutting the cord then let’s look at the math.


Looks like a no brainer to me. The only thing I am loosing that I touch once in awhile is HBO. So…

If you decide that this is something you want to consider, you will probably want to purchase a couple of ChromeCasts for your TV’s around the house. This gives you the ability to access YouTube TV right from there without a problem.

Shared YouTube TV memberships & family groups

Create a family group to share YouTube TV—as well as other Google apps and services—with up to 5 other people.

How family groups work on YouTube TV

  • If you've purchased a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group to share your membership with up to 5 people at no additional cost. When you create a family group, you become the family manager.
  • As the family manager, you can invite family members (ages 13+) to join your family group. 
  • As a family group member, you can build your own personal library of content in YouTube TV. Your viewing preferences and DVR are all your own—we won't share your library or watch history with your family group.
  • Sharing YouTube TV as part of a family group also lets you share other Google services with the same people. Learn more about family groups on Google

Watch YouTube TV on multiple devices

You can use YouTube TV on up to three separate devices at the same time. For example, if you're watching YouTube TV on both a computer and a mobile device, this counts as two of the three available devices—even though they’re being used by the same account.

This looks very tempting to me except that two of the channels my wife watches PBS and Hallmark, are not included and for local sports we are missing Root for the Penguin Hockey games and Pittsburgh Pirates. I have another eight months on my current Xfinity Contract so hopefully we will see some other changes over the next couple of months.

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