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LinkedIn Learning

So… Microsoft is now using LinkedIn for creating a method of delivering training on their products. I just went through looking at some of the new features in Outlook that were just released and though their notification link it with  a tab to access one month of free access to LinkedIn Learning. According to the site they have over 4000 training videos on various subjects (see image below). This is probably a direct off-shoot of LinkedIn’s purchase of Lynda.com. The courses that are available on Lynda are also available on LinkedIn Learning so from that standpoint they are the same. However, the main difference is the platform that the courses are delivered on – LinkedIn Learning is built on the LinkedIn platform which provides the learner with additional value in the form of recommendations that are personalized for you based on your profile, your professional network, the company you work for, etc.

There is also better integration on the platform with the content itself so when you learn new skills from taking a course, you have the option to easily add those skills to your profile.

LinkedIn Learning Subscription

LinkedIn Learning is available as a Premium subscription and costs $29.99 a month for a monthly subscription, plus taxes. Annual subscriptions cost $299.88 per year, plus taxes.

Learn more about the benefits of a LinkedIn Learning subscription and payment plans.

Note: If you have signed up for the one month free trial, your billed subscription will begin automatically at the end of the trial period. Learn more about LinkedIn Premium account free trials.

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