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I also write a column for the Laurel Mountain Post. This is a local publication focusing on the people, places and events in and around the Westmoreland County area. If you haven't picked up a subscription to this wonderful publication please do so. You will be glad that you did.

Be sure to visit Laurel Mountain Post's website for the current full issues as well as previous issues that have been published.

The yearly issue rate has recently dropped from $18 to $15 per year and you will be able to get this wonderful publication mailed to your home or business. If you wish to advertise your business be sure to contact them at: Laurel Mountain Post, 206 Weldon Street, Latrobe, PA  15650 or call 724-537-6845.


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    2008-5 LMP Sep-Oct 2008 Tech Talk.pdf

    A Good Snapshot Stops a Moment from Running Away - This issue discusses the many ways to publish your photos to the web, both for safekeeping as well as providing access to them for friends and family.
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    2008-6 LMP-Nov-Dec-2008 Tech Talk.pdf

    What Do You Want for Christmas - this is a good overview of hand held media devices better known as MP3 Players.
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    2009-1 LMP Jan-Feb 2009 Tech Talk.pdf

    Getting Your Family Connected - This is a discussion of things you should consider when connecting your systems together in your home.
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    2009-2 LMP Mar-Apr 2009 Tech Talk.pdf

    This article is about Worms, Viruses and Trojans. It is titled They're Coming to Take Memory Away! This was not my original title but the editor gets to have the final word.
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    2009-3 LMP May-Jun 2009 Tech Talk.pdf

    Spring is here and Golfing is this issue's main topic. I have listed a few interesting and some outlandish gadgets for your gold game.
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    2009-4 LMP Jul-Aug 2009 Tech Talk.pdf

    The New Social Hot Spot - Your Computer discusses the World of Social Networking and what kinds of sites are available for you to participate in.
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    2009-5 LMP Sep-Oct 2009 Tech Talk.pdf

    Since Windows 7 is coming up this month it seemed only appropriate to talk about the different versions that will be available, the differences between versions and what to expect from each version.
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    2009-6 LMP Nov-Dec 2009 Tech Talk.pdf

    The holiday season is always a favorite time for me. With this article I get the chance to talk about all those neat gadgets that are on my wish list or that I have recently acquired and want to share my experience with you. I hope that this will help you with your wish list or gift ideas...
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